Willow Cosmetics

Santal No.133


Santal No. 133 is a lovely, rich, and varied sandalwood that appeals to almost everyone who appreciates the dryness of cedar and the creaminess of sandalwood at the same time. Similar to the peaceful aroma of incense sticks, Santal No.133 is an absolute beauty start to finish. Sensual. Purposeful. Balanced, and incredibly well crafted. Zen-like. 

Notes: Sandalwood, Cedar, Amberwood, Coriander, Vanilla, Musk, Lime, Ginger

Willow Cosmetics Private Reserve Collection Original

Flammable until Dry. Keep away from Flames.

Do not spray into or near eyes.

Patch test on a small area of skin prior to use to test for fragrance sensitivity.  If sensitivity occurs, discontinue use. 

Keep away from small children; not for use on infants of children.

Store in a cool dark place to prolong shelf life.