Willow Cosmetics

Flora (F)


The first thing you'll notice is the rich and unexpected tuberose and jasmine blend. You might not expect this to be such a white floral fragrance when you read "Flora" but it is. Discover a delicate and intoxicating scent with Flora. The Rangoon Creeper, a plant that changes colors when it blooms, infuses a powdery, floral edge to a sensual fragrance. A signature scent that features notes of natural tuberose and jasmine, creating an unexpected richness on the skin. The fragrance is as capricious as its namesake- beautiful and elusive, but impossible to ignore. It's an invitation to explore and enjoy the many facets of its deliciously decadent design.


Top Notes: Jasmine

Base Notes: Tuberose

Base Notes: Rangoon Creeper


Fragrance Category : Floral


If you like Gucci Bloom by Gucci, you will love this scent!

Flammable until Dry. Keep away from Flames.

Do not spray into or near eyes.

Patch test on a small area of skin prior to use to test for fragrance sensitivity.  If sensitivity occurs, discontinue use. 

Keep away from small children; not for use on infants of children.

Store in a cool dark place to prolong shelf life.