Willow Cosmetics

Exfoliating Facial Cream Scrub "ORYZA-COMPLEX 5" 5%


“ORYZA-Complex 5” 

This multi-Iamellar micro-emulsion concentrate system is formulated with bio-ferment filtrate rice water, a mixture of ceramide(s) III, IIIB and VI, soothing botanicals and hydrating lipids and esters. This complex penetrates deeply to improve the look and feel of dry, irritated and dull complexions. At 5% this complex reduces the appearance of fine lines, plumps, firms and hydrates skin for hours. (98% Natural)

Flammable until Dry. Keep away from Flames.

Do not spray into or near eyes.

Patch test on a small area of skin prior to use to test for fragrance sensitivity.  If sensitivity occurs, discontinue use. 

Keep away from small children; not for use on infants of children.

Store in a cool dark place to prolong shelf life.