Willow Cosmetics

Warming Elixer Oil "ORYZA-COMPLEX 7"


“ORYZA-Complex 7”

This lipid elixir concentrate gently warms the skin to stimulate circulation and helps the formula penetrate more deeply. Formulated with precious flower oils, soothing botanicals, nourishing fat soluble vitamins and rich emollients, this concentrate focuses on lipids containing properties that help to stimulate the body's natural cell turnover rate. With 5% Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate, a fat soluable vitamin-c, Co-Enzyme Q10 this concentrate helps to reduce the physical signs of ageing as well as helping to plump, hydrate and moisturize the skin. This concentrate is also very useful for edge creams and salves for soothing irritate hair lines and scalp caused by over-styling (traction alopecia) as well as dry, itchy and flakey scalp issues. (99% Natural)

Flammable until Dry. Keep away from Flames.

Do not spray into or near eyes.

Patch test on a small area of skin prior to use to test for fragrance sensitivity.  If sensitivity occurs, discontinue use. 

Keep away from small children; not for use on infants of children.

Store in a cool dark place to prolong shelf life.